Bobby Rio

Bobby Rio is the founder of the popular TSB Magazine and currently serves as its editor-in-chief. For over six years now, Bobby has been showing men how to improve their relationship with women and get better at picking and bedding them. As such, he’s widely celebrated for his unique teachings that have helped thousands of men transform from being shy and boring to becoming successful with women.

Bobby Rio’s Personal Data

  • Commercial Name- Bobby Rio
  • Nationality- American
  • Date of Birth- Jan. 01. 1980.
  • Height – 5”9
  • Professions- Dating Author, Pickup Artist
  • Companies-

Bobby Rio’s Books, Course, and Coaching by Bobby Rio

Conversation Escalation:
Make Small Talk Sexy

Amplify the Attraction

The Social Training Lab

The Natural Approach

Secrets of Sexualized Flirting

Unlock Her Legs

  • Social Superstar (2009)
  • Confidential Social Intelligence Manuscript (2010)
  • The Guru Black Book (2010)
  • Secrets of Sexualized Flirting (2011)
  • How to Get out of the Friend Zone (2011)
  • The Self Esteem Bootcamp (2011)
  • Magnetic Messaging (2012)
  • Make Her Beg You to Bang Her (2012)
  • Seductive Storytelling (2014)
  • Make Her Horny with Humor (2014)
  • 88 Ways to Read Her Mind (2015)
  • The Testosterone Blueprint (2016)

Bobby Rio’s Web Profiles

Bobby Rio’s Trademark Advice

I believe every man has what it takes to achieve his wildest personal goals. I’m a firm believer of self-improvement and growth which I feel are influenced by how well you’re doing in your dating life. I really enjoy helping others into becoming more complete men.

Bobby Rio’s Personal Life

Bobby loves living fully and is therefore a huge fan of leisure. His love for Brazil is unmatched and thus travels there multiple times a year to indulge in what he does best- women, alcohol, and good vacations.

Bobby Rio’s Career in Pickup Artistry

Bobby first toyed with the idea of becoming a dating coach in 2005 when he together with his friend Mike Stoute launched the TSB Magazine. In this website, he aimed to share his wealth of dating information which he had gathered over the years. As such, this magazine mainly focuses on helping men grow their life in terms of wealth creation, fitness, career, and most importantly their love life. Currently, he also owns the TSB Magazine Mobile App. Besides, Bobby has also since launched a Spanish version of his website known as TSB Hispano which he seeks to reach out to the Spanish speaking audience.

Later in 2009, Bobby came up with The Social Training Lab which is a mastermind group aimed at bringing together men learning the ropes of impressing women. Here, members get to learn much from each other experiences while Bobby also brings in guest experts every often.

As if that’s not enough on Bobby, he also runs a blog known as Make Small Talk Sexy. Here, you’ll get detailed advice on how to talk to women and improve your social and dating life.

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